Here at UNIQ, we are all about bringing you that elegant, cutting edge you need to leave the absolute best impression possible on your clients, your friends, or helping you give world class service to that extra special VIP, and we’ve been doing it successfully since 2010.


Year of foundation

We cover a wide range of needs, providing the highest quality of professionalism and service to help you impress. Whether you’re a movie company looking for that unique supercar for that blockbuster movie shoot, business or pleasure, we bring you a wide range of land, sea and air vehicles, properties and more all available for rental through our well trained service team.

Did you know that people make up their mind on what they think of you within the first five seconds? We make doubly sure that that all important first look hits the hardest it possibly could. Our clients range from the budding socialite to the highest class of entrepreneurs and we are positive we have a solution for everyone’s needs.

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