Luxury Private Jet Charters in Los Angeles


From red carpet service to avoiding long waits at the airport, you can’t really put a price tag on a luxury private jet experience. But if we had to count the ways in which we loved flying private, we’d narrow it down to:

  • Complete privacy 
  • Control of your schedule
  • Higher baggage allowance
  • Ultimate freedom in the sky
  • No crowds, less security and more flexibility
  • The most comfortable flight you’ll ever take
  • Food and beverage options that can be catered to your taste
  • Ground transportation to and from your destination

Benefits of Traveling by Private Jet

If you’re still on the fence about flying private, we’ll tempt you with a few facts about luxury private jet rentals. 

Excuse us while we get really real with you for a moment. Flying on a luxury private jet is actually enjoyable. No wait times at the airport and extra, extra, extra everything room (not just legroom) mean you can stretch out and stand up whenever you want. 

If we may be so bold, we might even go as far as to say that once you go luxury private… you’ll never go commercial again. Not even first class. Whether you’re on a business trip, a getaway with friends or a family vacation, the benefits of flying private are immeasurable. 


How to Rent an LA Luxury Private Jet

Renting a private jet isn’t difficult. It’s as easy (or even easier) than booking a commercial flight. You can rent a private jet online — or, contact us for more information by phone (800) 969-5388.


5 Unique LA Aircraft Experiences

Renting a luxury private jet isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Choose your own private jet adventure with these five options:


Discovery Flight

Want to explore South California in style? Take in the enchanting coasts of Malibu and Santa Monica and the unmistakable skyline of Downtown L.A. Soar over the iconic Hollywood sign and enjoy an unforgettable sunset from the cockpit of a small aircraft. 


Light Jet Charter

All dressed up with plenty of places to go? Grab six of your closest friends for an unforgettable adventure to Las Vegas or San Francisco on cozy — yet spacious — light jet. You’ll have so much fun snagging views from up above, you won’t want to land in your destination.


Airplane model: Citation 560 or similar.


Midsize Jet Charter

If you’ve got even more places to go and people to see, you can take eight friends on a trip with one of our midsize luxury jets. After all, it’s the journey that’s important — not the destination. This jet has much more passenger room than the light jet and allows passengers to stand up and move freely about the cabin. It can also fly longer distances all — over the U.S.


Airplane model: Hawker 700 or similar.


Heavy Jet Charter

Got even more friends to take on your grand adventure? You’ll never consider flying a cramped experience again. Understand what ‘first-class service’ truly means on a heavy jet with plenty of space. This jet is perfect for family vacations, reunions or business meetings. Heavy jets can fly longer distances (think NYC to Miami, Hawaii or internationally). 

Airplane model: Bombardier Challenger 601 / Gulfstream II / III / IV or similar.


Aircraft for Photoshoots, Videos and Media

Don’t need to get 10,000 feet in the air to get your private luxury jet fix in L.A.? Aircraft are also available for private photoshoots and media opportunities and video production, such as music videos.

With a heavy jet, you have an option to rent an actual jet — or for a lower cost, rent our Gulfstream GIII made especially for photo-video production.