Luxury Yacht Rental in Los Angeles, California

Get an outside view of the pristine beaches of southern California, with your own yacht charter in Los Angeles. It is the perfect way to see all the best parts of the pacific shore. Whether you want to rent a boat in Los Angeles or try an exclusive Yacht charter in Marina del Rey, Long BeachNewport Beach, or San Diego, you can expect nothing but sunny shores and plenty of adventure. Invite up to twelve VIPs of your choice and make it a party that won’t be forgotten.

What makes our exclusive boat charters so special is how they bring all the beauty and adventure of the pacific coast to you and your guests. Choose to travel along the coast and see the Los Angeles skyline, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. For the most intrepid adventurers, we offer full 24-hour trips to Catalina island, where you and your guests can enjoy our spacious luxury accommodations. There are plenty of options to consider, and all it takes is for you to get in touch with our team today.

Choose Your Yacht Rental

When renting a yacht, Los Angeles has plenty of options to consider. Whether you want to start small with our 60’ Carver Yacht or embark on a grand adventure with our full-size 143’ Super Yacht, you won’t be disappointed. The 70’ Unique Johnson Yacht is among the perfect yacht rentals for birthdays in Los Angeles, letting you invite up to 12 guests to enjoy the surf and sun during your UNIQ celebration. Our 125’ Admiral XL is another great option, equipped with a shaded deck, spacious and comfortable cabins, and everything else you need for a truly classy experience. And don’t forget our 31’ Sundancer Yacht, which is our most compact option, but is still big enough to bring along up to six people. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure to enjoy all the sights and sounds that come with the most respected party yacht rental in Los Angeles.

Getting Started Today

The first step in starting the rental process is choosing the best time and place to begin your journey. Our boats can be rented for between four and twenty-four hours, letting you enjoy the ocean waves at your own pace. Each of our Los Angeles charters leave from scenic Marina del Rey and embark on a pacific circuit that gives you a true taste of the ocean breeze. A boat charter in Marina del Rey is the best option for those with easy access to the Los Angels metropolitan area, making it a good choice for traveling business professionals, as well as local Angelinos looking for a scenic escape from the city.

Aside from a Yacht rental in Marina del Rey, we also offer a selection of boat charters in surrounding cities, including Long Beach, Newport Beach and San Diego. In combination with our Marina del Rey powerboat rental options, you can tour any stretch of the beautiful southern California coast you like. Newport Beach and Long Beach are both good options for those with easy access to Los Angeles’ south side, letting you tour the coast or even take a round trip to Santa Catalina island. If you’re a little further south, San Diego charters can offer their own unique scenery to appreciate.

Making Your Safety Our Priority

With UNIQ, you can expect that every aspect of your yacht rental will be taken care of. We know that our customers expect the highest level of quality, which is why we ensure that every luxury charter experience we provide is the best it can be. It’s about quality, but also safety. We ensure that our boats are thoroughly inspected and staffed with experienced professionals who ensure each of our Los Angeles yacht rentals are always held to the highest standard of safety.