Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

Grooms-to-be have been celebrating their impending nuptials since 5,000 BCE. The hardest part of planning a bachelor party is deciding where to host one. Don’t let your best mate get married after a ho-hum party. These unique bachelor party ideas are anything but average.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas #1: Rent Out a Brewery

One unique spin on the bar crawl idea is to simply rent out a brewery for a few hours. You can take a private tour of the facilities, discover how beer is made — or make your own beer yourself! Create special labels for your bottles that commemorate what will surely be the best bachelor party in history.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas #2: Take Your Pal Fishing for the Day — Or Weekend!

If the bachelor of the hour is a fan of fishing, make a day (or a weekend) out of it. 

If you’re just headed out for the day, we have a sport fishing boat just for you. Or, spend the weekend at Catalina Island and bring up to five of your best friends with you.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas #3: Vegas, Baby!

When it comes to epic bachelor party ideas, you can’t go wrong with Vegas. If you’re the best man to a groom-to-be who loves gambling, showgirls, exquisite food or wild parties, you should probably start planning a trip to Sin City — like yesterday!

The best part is that you can do Vegas any way you like.  Got a foodie friend? Go on a restaurant crawl. Love to party? Hit up all the hotel bars. Big on gambling? Well, that one is pretty easy…

If you’re in the LA area and really want to do it up, we recommend hiring a helicopter or a private jet to transport you to the strip. 

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas #4: Ultimate Bar Crawl

One of the most iconic activities to partake in for a bachelor party is a bar crawl. If you really want to make your best mate happy, we recommend planning the bar crawl to end all bar crawls — in Europe!

All you need to do is decide where to host the party. You could pick one country (we recommend hotspots like London, Berlin or Amsterdam). Or, get crazy by planning a week-long bar hop that takes you all over Europe.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas #5: Burlesque Show

If we were basic, we’d recommend you get a stripper for your pal’s bachelor party. Luckily, we only deal in elevated ideas here. Instead of hiring a stripper, rent out an entire burlesque show

Burlesque is sort of the caviar of strippers. Instead of one stripper headed to your house for a few hours, you’ll get to watch an entire high-end show that’s dedicated to the groom-to-be.