Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s not every day your best friend gets married. Make sure you celebrate her upcoming wedding right. These unique bachelorette party ideas will ensure your bestie stays happy until her big day. 

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas #1: Vegas Isn’t Only for the Boys

Why not plan an epic party to Vegas? If you’re going to go with a destination bachelorette party, this is the way to do it.

Pile all your gal pals in a party bus — or ask them to meet you at the hotel. Just make sure to plan plenty of activities while you’re there to ensure this doesn’t turn into "just another Vegas vacation".

We recommend checking out Cirque du Soleil, booking an evening with a fortune teller or even planning an outing to a pawn shop to score some jewelry for the wedding. 

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas #2: Spa Day on a Yacht

We would never tell you to take your BFF to a spa for the day. That’s what every other maid of honor is doing. Instead, what about a spa day on a yacht?

Hire a massage therapist, esthetician and nail technician for the day. The massage therapist and esthetician can work in private bedrooms on the yacht. The nail techs can work on the decks and at the outdoor dining area. 

You can even hire your own chef to come along and make snacks to ensure all that pampering doesn’t make you too hungry.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas #3: Glamping in the Woods

We love the idea of retro bachelorette party ideas. What’s more retro than reliving sleep-away camp. The biggest difference between then and now? You’re going to have waaay more fun on this trip because you’ll be glamping.

Glamping sites are available all over the U.S. — and all over the world, really. You get a platform tent or a cabin, high-end bedding, electricity and even A/C. There’s usually even a four-star restaurant onsite.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make s’mores while sitting around an open fire, too. You can even create your own campfire cocktails to sip on while you tell stories.

We recommend hiring a company to help you make a few camp crafts while you’re at it. 

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas #4: Mixology Class

What’s better than drinking with your besties for a few hours? Learning all the best recipes for the cocktails you’re drinking! 

Mixology classes are offered in nearly every city. Don’t have one in a city near you? Why not rent a boat and hire a mixologist to give you a private class?

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas #5: Take the Ultimate Road Trip

There’s no better way to get quality time with your best friends before you get married than a road trip. Whether you’re driving across the U.S. or Europe, you can customize the trip to incorporate your favorite cities. 

Want to spend even more time together? Hire a driver to take you around the country in a fancy RV.