Unique Birthday Party Ideas in LA

Birthdays only come once a year — which means you only have one chance to throw the perfect bash. These unique birthday party ideas are a great way to show off your planning skills and make a big impression on your friends and family.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas in LA

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #1: Party on a Yacht

There’s no denying it: parties on boats are simply better than ones on dry land. A yacht can instantly transform any party from good to great.

We recommend pairing a yacht party with a few of the other ideas on this list, such as a theme party or hiring a chef.

Want to make the event last even longer?

Take your birthday mates fishing on our 44’ UNIQ Sport Fishing Boat. Inviting more guests? Check out our 60' UNIQ Azimut Yacht and invite up to 12 people. Or, celebrate like a billionaire and arrive to your guests on our 143’ UNIQ Super Yacht by helicopter.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #2: Throw a Theme Party

Can’t decide on how to celebrate? You can’t go wrong with a theme party because these parties can be personalized.

Unique birthday party idea themes include:

  • White party
  • Great Gatsby/1920s
  • Hawaiian tiki
  • Book, movie and band themes
  • Fantastical creatures, such as unicorns, dragons and Greek gods

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #3: Float Away on a Hot Air Balloon

Nothing makes a splash like a dozen whimsical balloons floating in the sky. Set up a buffet spread on the grass to keep your guests occupied while they wait for their turns to head up into the clouds.

Designate one balloon specifically for the birthday guest of honor. Decorate the inside with flowers, and stash a picnic basket full of wine and snacks in the cargo area.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #4: Jet Away on Destination Getaway

What better excuse is there for an impromptu trip than to celebrate someone’s birthday? Not only do you get to celebrate the birth of one of your favorite people, but you’ll also get a vacation out of the deal.

Before buying a plane ticket, there are a few things to consider:

  • Do you want the birthday getaway to be a surprise?
  • How ‘big’ do you want to go when it comes to a destination?
  • Can you convince the birthday guy or gal to get time off from work?
  • Do you want to invite a huge group, or do you want the festivities to feel more intimate?

The trickiest part of planning a destination birthday party is the logistics and planning. But these are the types of celebrations that your friends will remember for a lifetime.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #5: Hire a Chef

Why take your friends out to dinner for their birthdays when you can hire a chef to create the perfect birthday meal?

Websites like Thumbtack and Home Chef can help you find the right kitchen staff. Simply create a sample menu before you start the interview process. Or, ask your chef to help you create a menu around the birthday guest’s favorite foods.

This unique birthday party idea would make an even bigger impression on your guests if you coupled it with idea #2.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas #6: Go Glamping

Why even bother roughing it anymore when you can get out into the wilderness in style? Glamping allows you to go camping without worrying about public bathrooms, bugs and forgetting your phone charger.

Rent a block of platform tents for you and your friends. Sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine before going to bed and sliding into 300 thread count sheets.