Unique Proposal Ideas

If you’re one of those people who insist on making everyday activities an event, you’re going to need to raise the bar even higher when you get married. These five unique proposal ideas will ensure your SO can’t say no.

Tips on Generating Your Own Unique Proposal Ideas

If none of the ideas on this list float your boat, you can always use our suggestions to inspire your own unique proposal ideas. No matter what you decide on, you should always:

  • Take your partner’s feelings into consideration; if your partner doesn’t like being the center of attention, don’t propose in public (or in front of a large group)
  • Consider your shared interests and passions and try to incorporate as many as possible
  • Stay safe! Don’t hide the ring in food to avoid choking hazards
  • Have a plan in case your SO says ‘no’ to avoid an awkward moment

Propose During Dinner on a Yacht

When it comes to proposals, you should always go big or go home. We happen to think proposing on a yacht is the ultimate way to say, “I do.” 

The best part is that you can customize the experience to fit your proposal. Invite your SO’s favorite chef to cook a meal in the yacht’s high-end kitchen. Decorate the interior with photos of your most exciting adventures. Or, play a playlist of your favorite songs on the stereo system.

Propose Where You Fell in Love

Proposing where you fell in love is different than proposing where you met. If you’ve never told your SO about the moment you realized you were in love, be prepared for some waterworks before, during and after the proposal!

Tell your sweetie the story of how you fell in love; after, get down on one knee and pop the question.

Propose Via a Shared Interest

Do you have a shared love of books? Propose at the New York Public Library! Do you have a shared interest in movies? Rent out a movie theater and pay your favorite actor to propose for you. When it comes to shared interests, the possibilities are endless.

Propose In Front of Friends and Family

As long as you know your SO will say yes, proposing in front of friends and family is the perfect way to share your love with everyone in your life! 

You can couple this idea with pretty much any other idea on this list. We recommend proposing on a boat while your friends and family hide on the lower decks — but hey! We’re a little biased. 

If you want a more low-key proposal, you could always throw a backyard barbecue. 

Propose at a Planetarium

One of the splashiest ways to make a statement is getting others involved in your proposal. Rent out the planetarium for the night, and invite your friends and family to come along for the ride.

Tell your SO you’re going to a show at the planetarium. Just make sure to ‘arrive late’ so your friends and family have time to take their seats first. After the planetarium is dark, enter with your sweetie. The staff will write out, “Will you marry me?” in stars.

After, the lights should go on to reveal your friends and family.