Your Own Boat Charter in Newport Beach, CA

There is a reason why Newport Beach is known as one of the top recreation hot spots in southern California. It offers beautiful beaches, swaying palms, and miles of surf stretching out into a beautiful horizon, that you can now experience from the deck of your own luxury charter experience. A yacht charter in Newport Beach is the perfect way to experience the pacific coast, with amenities like jet skis, Jacuzzis, high-class furnished interiors, and comfortable private rooms to spend the night. At UNIQ, we have all your needs catered to and more.

Are you looking for the perfect party yacht rental in Newport Beach? Or maybe a way to experience a taste of adventure with a day trip to Catalina Island? When you rent a boat in Newport Beach, anything is possible. With six different yachts to choose from, and each of them offers something a little bit different. Book yours today, and experience breathtaking views, a heavy dose of ocean serenity, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a little wildlife.

How to Choose the right Yacht Charter in Newport Beach California

Not sure where to get started on choosing your yacht in Newport Beach? There are plenty of questions to consider, like when to book, what ports are available, and what yacht rental options are available. The best way to ensure you have an unforgettable experience, be sure to take a careful look at all of the yacht charter packages we offer. And if you have any other questions or concerns about booking your own yacht charter in Newport beach, get in touch with our customer service staff for more guidance.

Since Southern California is relatively warm year-round, you can rent a yacht in Newport Beach almost anytime you like. We have other ports on the Pacific coast in Los Angeles, Long BeachSan Diego, and Miami yacht rentals are also available in Florida. Miami yacht charters can even take you to exotic destinations like the Bahamas. If you find yourself in the city of Los Angeles, our port in Marina del Rey is conveniently located, and can take you on a tour of the LA coast, or to your own adventure getaway to Catalina Island. Similar packages are available at our Long Beach and San Diego locations, making it easy to depart from the area that is most convenient to you.

You can choose any of our luxury boats when planning your first excursion. If you are on the lookout for yacht rentals for birthdays in Newport Beach, then our 143’ Superyacht may be exactly what you’re looking for. It has all the makings of a memorable celebration, including a custom interior outfitted with rare tropical woods, bar, Jacuzzi, a pair of jet skis, and an observation tower for sightseeing. We have a selection of smaller yachts too, including the 125’ UNIQ Admiral XL and the 72’ Modern Yacht, which can each accommodate up to 12 people, with plenty of room to have fun. The 31’ Sundancer yacht is our smallest option available and can be the perfect choice for an intimate outing with someone special.

Yacht Rentals Standard of Quality and Safety

When you book a Newport Beach sailboat rental with UNIQ, you are choosing the highest level of security and safety. Our professional staff, quality sea craft, and dedication to your needs are sure to make an impression on you and your guests. Whether you are looking for a large scale celebration, an intimate get-together, or just a way to experience the open pacific first hand, you can always count on the level of attention and detail that goes into each of our charter experiences. From the professionalism of our staff, all the way to the exotic wood finish in our luxury interiors, we have thought of everything. Come sail with us sometime and see how the world’s most refined tastes enjoy the ocean waves.